Principal's Message

Principal, KCMS

I have been given an opportunity to be the principal of Kalyani Central Model School. I am very happy to report that in the 21st century our school will find a place in the city. Angel Education Society promises a paradigm shift in imparting modern education blended with the Indian tradition.

In our school, the classroom is in a small world where a child's value such as courage, discipline, responsibility, honesty and respect for others can be developed. Loyalty and friendship are at first encountered in the classroom and both practised and perfected here for taking serious decisions and judgments.

The Lesson offered can serve as guides to help young children to choose the right path, to be well mannered and form good habits which Will reinforce values of good social relationship helping children to work together as a team. A positive and creative attitude is nurtured and nourished among them.

The managing committee is also conscious of their duty in providing better teaching, learning environment and infrastructure to the students and staff for better and harmonious tomorrow.

Come and see the school in action, I am confident that you will discover an environment in which you would like your child to grow up as a perfect human being.

Mrs. Ruma Mukherjee
Principle, Kalyani Central Model School

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