Angle Education Society A Unit of Angel Education Society  (CBSE Affiliation No. - 2430008 ,School Code No. -15647 )

Manager, KCMS

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.

Atma Deepo Bhava


e Your Own Light

The children at our school are trained and encouraged to explore, reach out and seek answers for themselves.

Our mission is to be the institution of excellence in education in terms of keeping the heritage of our nation intact and also simultaneous development of body, mind and spirit. We have a vision of creating a dynamic, charismatic enthusiastic and innovative citizen who would meet the global challenges without any hesitation and also retain the traditional values. We feel the development of humanity is the most effective lesson to be taught to the pioneers of our future society. Now excellence doesn't happen by chance of coincidence. All our schools under Angel Education Society believe that excellence is a process where we mould our curriculum and the teaching methods as a combination of the best modern and traditional, which turns our students into complete individuals. children at our school are trained to be unique and exceptional individuals with the proper mix of values, knowledge and leadership qualities instilled.

People say that there exists a thin dividing line that separates a good school from a truly, great school. I am happy to say that we are moving steadily along the journey to greatness, and it is a pleasure to be accompanied on this journey by so many wonderful people like our students and their parents also our staffs and the wonderful faculty members.

Mr. Akash Roy
Manager, Kalyani Central Model School

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